Ellen, University of Colorado, Denver

Ellen, Collection Development Program Lead and Researcher Support Librarian

Q : What are the three qualities of a librarian for you?

R : It could depend on what the librarian’s work involves. But some might be – appreciation of free availability of learning materials, wherever they are; ability to experience, with as good cheer as possible, continuous change; and deriving pleasure from connecting a person to the information they want.

Q : If you exchange for a week your place in a library of another country? wich one ?

R : Russia

Q : What is the most important moment in your daily work?

R :  Any completed project.  Perhaps more bi-weekly than daily.

Q : If you were to install an unusual space in your library? (a trampoline, a game room, a bar … you have all freedom and an unlimited budget!)

R : A small cubicle/room like the dare-you-to-drink-too-much vodka cubes at some New York clubs that was called something like: Give Us 4.5 Minutes and We’ll Give you Search Skills that Will Last a Lifetime.  They’d be surrounded on four sides by great films that quickly and simply share some essential search tips they weren’t taught in their younger school days, with interactive options for quickly reviewing and trying them.

Q : Eat, drink, talk in the library, for or against?

R : All fine. Have some very quiet areas available.

Q : What is the library of your dream (real or imaginary) ?

R : No library needed.  Information easy to find, access, use, etc.

Q : If you were to set up a library in an unusual place?

R : Research consultants at Starbucks and convenience stores.

 Q : For you, which real or fictional character would make an excellent librarian?

R : Actress: Angelina Jolie.

Q : If you were to live in a book, a universe?

R : Here is fine.

 Q : You have to do a cultural animation in your library that you would like to see coming? What author, music group, painter … (chose one example)

R : Not sure what this means.

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